Embracing Passion

"I have been a Singer/Songwriter since the early '90s, but I've just rediscovered my love and passion for recording, so I'm revisiting and reimagining my older catalog and recording some new covers. YouTube has provided me a platform and you are providing me the opportunity to do what I love...Again!"

Music Brings Us Together

Music can be that bridge to bring us together. It is the only universal language that touches us all. Right now we must all really come together, to fight an invisible enemy while supporting each other, regardless of political affiliation, sexual orientation or the color of our skins.

From EDM to POP, in English, Spanish & French...Even a little Country Music!

As a singer, Marc really loves to sing in multiple languages. All of his songs have Spanish and English subtitles, and he's adding French and many other subtitles as well. The goal? "...to try to reach as much of the world audience as I can."

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Click graphic to view "Reach Out" (Lyric Video - EDM Version - Original Song) on YouTube

Reach Out - Smooth Groove Throwback - Bagio Dancer Freeze Shot

Coming soon: "Reach Out" - Smooth Groove Throwback Mix

We are busily working on choreography and production for the 2021 version of "Reach Out" - The Smooth Groove Throwback Revisit. Stay tuned...

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