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"Remember" Marc Ison (Becky Hill / David Guetta Cover) - Live Recording - Piano Vocal Ballad Version


"Remember" is a live, "one-take" piano vocal recording of Becky Hill and David Guetta's number one dance hit. It's notable since it was a practice recording for "Headliners."  The video intersperses a "behind the scenes" camera view with the pro camera view.  "I've always loved hearing dance songs become ballads, and vice-versa, and 'Remember' becomes a beautiful ballad that tells the story much differently than the EDM/Dance version."

YouTube Marc Ison Empty Space Encore LIVE Performance Video Thumbnail

Encore Presentation of LIVE 2021 Headliners performance of "Empty Space" (Pop Rock/live version)

Check out an amazing recap of 2021 Headliners performances, culminating in an encore presentation of Marc Ison's LIVE performance of "Empty Space."

Empty Space Preview Thumbnail

"Empty Space" Preview - The making of the sound recording (piano/Vocal version)

Watch Marc Ison as he rehearses and records the beautiful and haunting piano ballad version of "Empty Space."

Watch the rehearsal and making of here.  Watch the full video here.

The Story of Stronger - Thumbnail from

The Story of "Stronger" (Original song)

A moving documentary of the making of "Stronger," a tribute song for September 11 [ 9/11 ]  Marc narrates his personal experience in Manhattan that day which inspired the song "Stronger."  He was supposed to be there...

Marc Ison Reach Out Thumbnail

"Reach Out" Lyric Video (original Song)

"Reach Out" is a pumping EDM remake of Marc's 1989 recording. "'Reach Out' was one of the first songs I ever wrote, about a personal experience where I was trying to decide if I should "Reach Out" and touch someone after seeing them up in a window, flirting with me." - Marc Ison

I Remember LA - Marc Ison Thumbnail

"I Remember L.A." (Celine Dion Cover)

A very personal recording for a very important song.  Originally recorded by Celine Dion, Marc delivers this emotional ballad that reminds us how important memories are, and how we can relive them when we need to.

Empty Space - Marc Ison Thumbnail

"Empty Space" (James Arthur Cover)

Marc passionately covers James Arthur's "Empty Space" with a moving piano ballad version of Arthur's haunting song about the emptiness we feel when we lose someone, especially when it's our own fault.

Lose Somebody Video Thumbnail

"Lose Somebody" (One Republic/Kygo Cover)

Kygo’s amazing EDM production with One Republic’s Lose Somebody gets a renewed homage with this amazing, multi-layered cover version from Marc Ison. “Lose Somebody” Vocals and Production by Marc Ison; New EDM Instrumentation by Zequenory, Marc Ison’s music producer from “Reach Out”, Marc’s EDM Original Song.

I Look to You Video Thumbnail - Marc Ison

"I Look to You" (Whitney Houston Cover)

“I Look to You” is in my top ten (of all songs!), so I have been very hesitant to record it. A song that is this beautiful and meaningful that I love so much requires perfection in vocal technique and emotion, in my opinion, so I hesitated to record it. But then, it became a challenge that I just had to overcome! It was originally recorded by the late great Whitney Houston. I hope you find it (and the video) as inspiring as I do.

Bandido - Marc Ison Thumbnail

"Bandido" (Alberto Plaza Cover - English subtitles)

Cover de Bandido (Alberto Plaza) por Marc Ison - “Bandido” – Unas de mis canciones favoritas en Español…Parece sencillo, pero con algunos ritmos intrincados y esquemas de rimas ... Una canción muy poética sobre "un ladrón de amor" - ¡un bandido que roba el corazón de otro, pero él es realmente el que es robado!

Courage - Marc Ison Video Thumbnail

"Courage" (Celine Dion Cover - Coronavirus Edition)

This song, “Courage,” is really so special and so appropriate for these uncertain times. In its original version, it was a song about about unimaginable loss and finding the courage to move forward, to keep going. This version of "Courage" was especially created as a Coronavirus song of inspiration, since this version contains a one line lyric change: "I still come home after a long day" was changed to"Night comes along after a long day" to adapt the song to better fit our collective Coroanvirus experience of weeks and months of isolation and quarantine. I dedicate this song to the thousands of hospital patients facing their hospital stays horribly alone with no friends or family present. And to those who have lost someone: Have courage.

Tara Simon Reacts to Marc Ison's Courage

"Tara Simon, famed Vocal Coach, reviews Courage" (Celine Dion Cover)

Tara Simon, past X Factor Contestant, famed Vocal Coach and awarded YouTube Content Creator reacts to "Courage - Special Version for the Coronavirus Pandemic," by Marc Ison. For those of you who don't know Tara Simon, I put this little video together that highlights her career and then finishes with the best moments of her recent reaction video to my cover of Celine Dion's "Courage." It is an incredible honor to be reviewed positively by such a great Vocal Coach. Her studio is responsible for some of the most amazing contestants on television, like Angelica Hale (Golden Buzzer 2 TIMES on America's Got Talent), Victoria McQueen (American Idol), Lauren Lott (American Idol), so I am especially grateful to hear her positive commentary on my vocal performance of "Courage."

Say All You Want For Christmas - Marc Ison Thumbnail

"Say All You Want For Christmas" (Shania Twain/Nick Jonas Cover)

Happy Holidays! Enjoy a beautiful, calming, serene snowy scene of a hill and forest accompanied by Marc Ison's Cover of Say All You Want For Christmas, a cover of Shania Twain and Nick Jonas' Holiday Hit. Just a touch of Country Pop in the Vocal (and in the Banjo!) makes for a country/pop Christmas set to a serene, calming snow falling background! Set it on repeat and enjoy the calming scene, especially if you don't have snow this holiday season.

Marc Ison Stronger Thumbnail

"Tara Simon, famed Vocal Coach, reviews Courage" (Celine Dion Cover)

This original song for 9/11 is dedicated to the countless heroes in America who have made all of us “Stronger.” To all of the families whose lives were tragically altered by the events of September 11, 2001: Your loss is felt by all of us. We must never forget. The loss of lives, the shock and horror have made a forever impression in my mind. This indelible impression and this message I share with you, in this strong, “Stronger.” I was supposed to be there. “Stronger” is an original, emotional ballad I wrote in Manhattan and recorded in New Jersey (across the Hudson River) a couple of weeks after 9/11 as a way to emotionally deal with the disaster.

Marc Ison Say All You Want For Christmas YouTube Thumbnail

"Say All You Want For Christmas" Yule Log - HD Fireplace 1.5 hours, beginning with song (Shania Twain/Nick Jonas Cover)

Happy Holidays! HD Fireplace / Yule log / Crackling, Mesmerizing Flames, accompanied by Marc Ison's Cover of "Say All You Want For Christmas," a cover of Shania Twain and Nick Jonas' Holiday Hit.

Just a touch of Country Pop in the Vocal (and in the Banjo!) makes for a country/pop Christmas! After the 3 minute song, enjoy over 1.5 hours more of the crackling HD Fireplace!


"Music is the same as silence if never heard." - Marc Ison

20 Minute Gourmet - Marc Ison

Singing is Art. And food is Art too!  Coming soon, Marc Ison's 20 Minute Gourmet YouTube Channel (with Tik-tok shorts)

Besides singing, Marc loves to cook!  And, because he is so busy (like so many of us!), he has time-saving tips and recipes to create gourmet food in less than 20 minutes.

Stay tuned for Marc's channel, The 20 Minute Gourmet